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We are a boutique digital strategy agency that enables small to medium sized businesses navigate our ever-changing digital world to create new opportunities and reach new audiences.
We know that making connections builds brands, and it's easy to get lost in today's online landscape, so we utilise every tool in our digital arsenal to empower you to listen to your customers, reach out to potential clients, engage with relevant audiences, and increase revenue opportunities.

What We Do

Everything we do is focused on Inspiring Action.

Digital Strategy
Design & Development
Social Media Consulting
Mobile Strategy Consulting
Loyalty & Rewards Consulting
Digital Branding Strategy

Our Approach

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Our clients have a variety of needs, and don't have the budgets of larger companies. It’s our job to help them determine those needs in order to build their brands while remaining affordable. Our primary objective is to work with our clients to develop and manage successful strategies for online engagement.
It's easier said than done, but at least we're giving it a good ol' college try.

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Digital Strategy
A digital strategy ensures that your business optimises its presence across all relevant online and mobile platforms. We've received some strange looks in this time by not talking about the web right out of the gate. But the heart of our Digital Strategy Process is a deep understanding of your business goals, your brand, your customers and how to drive them to you, and ultimately, what ROI really looks like.

With websites, mobile sites, blogs, e-newsletters and a variety of social media platforms, it's easy to become reactive, rushing to market before understanding all the implications. MobiZing specialises in creating a digital strategy designed to help you achieve your business objectives. We work closely with you to develop a set of digital assets, each with a defined purpose. Once the strategic pieces are in place, your business has a clear, practical roadmap for a successful digital future.
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Design and Development
In that blink of an eye, the user can determine whether they will stay and look around, or bounce to a new site. Before you've ever had the opportunity to speak to a potential customer, they've formed opinions through the visual representation of your brand. If the design doesn't match the promise your brand really delivers, that opportunity may be gone forever.

Within our digital strategy process, we'll perform an in-depth brand analysis, and establish a look and feel that reinforces who you are, and makes your customers want to come back time and again.
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Social Media Consulting
Go where your potential customers are: Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the face of brand-building and customer service in just a few short years. And they're here to stay!

Social media demands a considered, strategic approach:
you know that your business needs to get involved, but what will you do there? MobiZing understands the power of social marketing and can advise on the best way for your business to leverage these massively popular platforms. We will review your current social media presence, compare your properties with your competitors, and provide insights and resources to deliver your brand’s message with authority. We build experiences and connections with your customers on a personal level, utilising the best social media platforms for your business.
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Mobile Strategy
Mobile Can No Longer Be an Afterthought

The move to the mobile web is now in full swing. Statistics for business are compelling, with m-commerce set to overtake desktop or laptop transactions soon. In the near future consumers will access the web more through mobile devices than computers, and tablets will see the highest growth of new hardware purchases for businesses. Apps and mobile websites can now deliver full functionality, just like a standard site. So whether you're looking to develop apps for iPhones, iPads, Android or you're wanting to deliver a full-featured website for any mobile browser, MobiZing can advise on the best approach and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Mobile adoption is growing at a breakneck pace. Are you prepared for the existing mobile revolution?
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Loyalty Program Consulting & Design
We all know that it costs 7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain one. Before adopting a customer loyalty initiative, businesses need to identify their objectives, understand the capabilities and limitations of reward program types and systems, figure out if and how a reward program will fit with the organisation’s overall business and marketing strategies.

MobiZing offers customer loyalty program consulting services for businesses seeking to engage directly with their customers via the mobile channel. We help businesses design reward programs that not only attracts new customers, but brings them back for more. We unlock the power of your customers smartphones to create a powerful marketing tool for your business to engage and retain loyal customers.
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Digital Branding Strategy
Whether you're starting a new company, refreshing an existing brand or implementing a digital solution, we can help you to build your brand. Great brand nirvana comes from the alignment of your message with three key components all speaking the same language. Technology has changed radically the way that brands are built. It is no longer sufficient to launch a website to enter the digital realm. Today it is necessary to consider the impact of social networks, mobile media, viral marketing, in store experiences etc. and to ensure that your message is consistent throughout all these channels.

MobiZing will survey your key internal stakeholders and your consumers, and then analyse your messaging to see if they are all pointing in the same direction. In addition, we can analyse the competition and their relative place in the market. This process will enable us to pinpoint exactly where you should live.